The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

I believe that I need, and that the people of the United Methodist Church, need another “heartwarming” experience. I believe in and am committed to allowing the Holy Spirit to fashion, form , and transform us into the nature and likeness of Jesus Christ. The presence of Christ breaks down barriers that cause division, foster injustice, promote racism, and schism. I need a fresh touch, what about you?

The Lord has been nudging me to lead a series on “The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.” I offer this series as a starting point for dismantling racism and addressing systemic changes that must have its beginnings in each individual person. We cannot change the world until we are personally changed! 

John Wesley could not change the world until he had been changed and his own heart had been touched with the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe the missing dynamic in most of our churches is a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit.

Feel free to use this video resource individually, in small groups, or as a congregation. My hope is that God will use it to assist in the restoration and renewal that we all need.

Series starts October 2, 2020.

Bishop Frank J. Beard

Handouts for the video sessions

Download Worksheet for Session 1 (PDF)

Download Worksheet for Session 1 (Word)

Download Worksheet for Session 2 (PDF)

Download Worksheet for Session 2 (Word)