Guidelines for hosting itinerating missionaries

  1. Checks should be mailed to the following address:
    Illinois Great Rivers Conference
    Attention: Curtis Brown
    P.O. Box 19207
    Springfield, IL 62794-9207
  2. It is the local church’s (or group’s) responsibility to host the missionary, providing meals and housing as appropriate. In the case of a missionary from another country who will NOT be driving in the U.S., this will also include transportation between itineration sites and may include some extended time in a host family’s home between scheduled itineration dates.
  3. Churches are encouraged to support the missionary’s itineration fund. This fund is simply grown by donations and can only be spent to the extent of the donations in it. It can be used by any missionary working with the blessing of the GBGM office in Atlanta. The designation line should state:  ITINERATION FUND #179. If the church or group feels strongly that it only wants to help the missionary who is visiting them, a check can be designated ITINERATION FUND #179 – (NAME OF MISSIONARY)
  4. After the missionary leaves the church, one check should come to Christy’s attention from the church treasurer made out to I.G.R.C. with the following on the designation line:  ITINERATION FUND #179  or ITINERATION FUND #179 (MISSIONARY’S NAME) 
  5. When a church or group wishes to donate to a project that relates to the visiting missionary, please do so through the monthly remittance forms to the Conference Treasurer’s office. Advance Special choices are listed in the Five Star Mission Program.
  6. Many more are at Once there, click on Give to Mission. Search for Projects brings an enormous list of mission work to support.