The IGRC Camping Program is primarily concerned with the following 4 goal areas: 

Connecting with Others, Connecting with Nature, Connecting with Christ, and the Physical Safety of all participants. These four goals fall within our mission statement of Connecting People, Nature, and Christ. 

Connecting People
  • Campers will be given the opportunity to know other campers in their community.
    • Campers will know the names of everyone in their cabin group and learn new information about them through intentional activities led by staff.
    • Counselors will lead campers through team building activities to encourage communication and teamwork.
  • Campers will build relationships with adults while at camp.
    • Staff will intentionally make time for campers and build relationships with them.
    • Staff will learn about campers, check in with each camper daily, ask follow up questions, and remain focused on campers first.
    • Chaplains and leadership staff will be available for additional support that campers may need throughout the week.
  • Campers will feel emotionally safe during camp.
    • Campers will create a community agreement as a group on their first day that outlines how they will live with one another and respect each other.
    • Staff will supervise this process and use the opportunity to teach campers about compromise, active listening, respectful language, and consequences for hurtful behavior. 
  • Campers will recognize the larger camp community – both within their program and at East Bay.
    • Campers will be given opportunities to thank those that have served them throughout their week of camp (e.g. Dining Hall staff, Lifeguards, etc.)
    • Campers will participate in larger camp activities throughout the week of camp such as:
      • Worship times together
      • Large group games
      • Aquatics activities
      • Eating meals together
Connecting Nature
  • Campers will intentionally disconnect from screens and technology during their time at camp.
    • Except in rare instances, camp is phone and screen free for our campers. 
    • Staff are trained to get campers connected and active outdoors from the moment they arrive at camp to help minimize the effects of screen withdrawal.
  • Campers will participate in a variety of activities outdoors in natural settings.
    • The majority of activities at camp happen outside in green spaces. 
    • Tree Climbing, Swimming, Hiking, Crafts, Bible Exploration, Worship, and Campfires are just some of the activities in which campers are intentionally interacting with nature.
  • Campers are encouraged to notice nature and pause to encounter it with awe and wonder.
    • Campers are encouraged to explore their surroundings and ask questions about the nature they see.
    • Counselors are trained to find moments for campers to observe, explore, and learn about nature as it is encountered throughout the day.