Important Upcoming Events

 District Wide Church Conference

 Saturday, November 10        

 10:00am - 2:30pm

 Danville St James

All Iroquois River District churches will gather together for one joint Church Conference this year to worship, to celebrate our accomplishments, to share stories and experiences and to do business. 
The day’s schedule will be -
10:30am - 12pm     Workshops for clergy and laity (see workshop descriptions below)
12pm - 1pm             Lunch/church conference registration/joint choir rehearsal      
1:00 - 2:30pm          Church Conference (worship/business)
2:30-3:30pm            Signatures and Reporting to District Admin
During the Church Conference worship we will have a district wide joint choir.  Please communicate with your choir director, choir members, and congregation and encourage them in praising God by participating in the choir.  The choir will sing “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” as the opening hymn and the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah for the sending forth hymn.  Rehearsal will be Saturday, Nov 10 at 12pm at Danville St James UMC just prior to the church conference.  Mark Lindvahl, choir director at St James, will be directing the joint choir.  If you have any questions about the music you can email him at  Here is a YouTube link to the Hallelujah Chorus” -
We would also like to have a children’s choir sing during the offertory.  If your church has a children’s choir please contact the district office.
The deadline date for the Church Council Report, Pastoral Financial Support, the 2019 Budget and the Pastor’s Compensation Reduction Agreement (green sheet) will be due no later than Monday, Oct 1.  All other church conference paperwork is due by Monday, Oct 22. 
Please remember the reason for the one big church conference - the 2018 theme is “to live in peace and harmony”.  We can show the power of love which binds us all together in perfect harmony through worship and music.



Responding to Acts of Violence, and Security Considerations, for Faith Based Properties

Over the past several years acts of violence at faith based properties have risen dramatically.  Many local police departments train regularly on how to respond to acts of violence in schools, office buildings, and places of worship.  However, response times for police and sheriff’s departments vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  It is vital that staff and congregation members know how to respond, and what their roles are, during a violent encounter.  This training is designed to provide awareness to those persons with important roles in the safety and security of their place of worship. 
Training topics covered include: Defining an active shooter and learning about their behavior, considerations for security and response plans, key decision factors that will help guide the response of staff and congregation members, and other important considerations.
The instructor, Sgt. Marcus Beach, is an 18 year veteran officer of the Rantoul Police Department.  Sgt. Beach is a nationally recognized instructor in Use of Force and is an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois Police Training Institute. Sgt. Beach is a certified Master Control Tactics Instructor, Master Firearms Instructor, and a Senior Master Instructor for AXON Enterprises the developer of the TASER. 


The Unstuck Church

It's too easy to get "stuck" in our ways, "stuck" in our thinking, "stuck" in our comfortableness, that we don't even recognize we're stuck. The Unstuck Church workshop will be a discussion to help us understand how and where our churches may be stuck in a way that is limiting growth and health. It is based on a book by the same title, authored by Tony Morgan. It won't be necessary to read the book ahead of time, but if you would like to, contact the District Office to get a copy, or order one from your favorite bookstore.  Let's get unstuck!


Giving Birth to a Movement

Giving Birth to a Movement: Do you desire to reach more people for Christ? Would you like to hear more about strategies in which individuals and churches are engaging to effectively do so? Attend this workshop to stir your imagination and add fuel to your passion for making disciples. Be a part of giving birth to a movement within the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.
 Rev. Mike Crawford is the IGRC Coordinator of Congregational Development. He resources the conference in starting new places for new people and for increasing the effectiveness of our existing churches.


Budgeting and creating financial policies for your church

Does your church budget support the ministries and programs of your church or the other way around?  Strategies for creating, implementing and monitoring an effective church budget will be discussed as well as how to best use your church budget as an effective stewardship tool.  Also discussed will be creating internal financial control policies and procedures for your church that comply with the requirements of the Discipline. Churches of all sizes can benefit from this workshop and ample time will be set aside for discussion and sharing of information.
Doug Abbott is the Director of Church Administration for Faith UMC in Champaign.  Doug joined the Faith staff in that position in 2006 after 30 years of managing the financial functions of the family retail businesses.  A lifelong Methodist, Doug also recently completed the Academy of Church Business Administrators, in conjunction with the Methodist General Council on Finance and Administration, in Nashville, TN.


To register for one of the workshops click on this link - Registration




Please remember these people in your prayers:

  • Rev Ed Davis (Mansfield) - health issues
  • Rev Ted Mitchell (medical leave) - health issues
  • Rev Kevin Nourie (Donovan/Crescent City) - health issues
  • Rev Dennis Divan (retired) - health issues
  • Connie Tennyson, wife of Rev John Tennyson (Gibson City) - health issues
  • Rev. Bob Hackl (Retired) - health issues
  • Rev. Jim Till (retired) - health issues

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