The Kokoyah District has 23 churches and nine preaching points.  Out of the nine preaching points, one was just elevated to church status and we are now working on construction of a building for this new church.  We also have very active district and local church women, men, youth and young adult ministries. We have ongoing Church School (Sunday School) programs (at district and local church level) and two elementary schools.
Some of our churches are planting rubber and other crops in an effort to sustain the ongoing work of the church.  We have five ministers in seminary in our ongoing attempts to increase the knowledge and performance of our pastors. We are happy to be involved in winning souls for Christ through our evangelism efforts and our other ministries.
Below are some of the construction projects Rev J. Gardieh Henry, Sr, District Superintendent of the Kokoyah District and the people from his local churches are working on.  If you'd like to financially help with any of these projects please contact Pat in the district office.
1.  District Headquarters Church
The photo at the right is the headquarters church which was roofed but a rain storm damaged it. As you can see heavy rains made the entire building fall down requiring them to start over again with the repairs. Most of the roofing sheets and a few wall blocks were saved and are reusable. Dirt blocks are used to construct the church.
The headquarter church is not only a local church but also the place where the yearly district conferences are held.  It is centrally located to enable good logistics for our District Conference because MOST of our conference participants must walk from their villages to come to conference. We will begin to reconstruct this church during the dry season (November through April). We will need a few roofing sheets, cement, and steel rods. If you are interested in supporting this, I will send you a detailed listing of items needed with cost attached.
2.  District Parsonage
Also, we do not have a district parsonage for the District Superintendent and family to live in. Presently, Rev Henry pays his own rent of $75.00 US dollars per month out of a monthly $100.00 US dollars subsidy given to all District Superintendents through our Bishop's office.
In this photo, Rev Henry is helping clear a place where they want to construct the district parsonage. The construction is estimated at $30,000 US dollars. We have started making blocks and it is our prayer that God will help us get some help for this project.
3.  Wells
As for wells there is a tremendous need for safe drinking water.  They have been able to install a well and hand pump for only one of the villages where our church is located.  The entire cost was 2,600.00 US dollars. This included payment for manual digging of the well, preparation and installation of concrete culverts, a hand pump and transportation costs to transport the materials to the village.  They would be grateful for at least five additional hand pumps to provide safe drinking water for the most needy villages.  Many of the people get sick from water borne diseases because they drink out of shallow wells and ponds.