IGRC Liberia Partnership Goals -

To be considered a "partner church" with Liberia, each church is encouraged to meet the following goals:

 A. Pastor Support -

     Donate $20/month to Pastor Salary Support

 B. Scholarships -

     Provide 2 scholarships a year at an educational level of your choice:

     ~ $  50   Elementary Scholarship

     ~ $100   Secondary Education Scholarship

     ~ $750   One Semester of College Education in Liberia

C. Reconstruction -

     Donations toward reconstruction may be designated for

     ~ wells

     ~ general reconstruction

     ~ George W Harley Hospital (this is a new hospital under construction at the Ganta Mission Station)

The Effects of Civil War

Both the infrastructure and the livelihood of people living in the district were severely affected by the 14 year civil war.  As a result of looting of materials (roofing, timbers, windows, doors, etc) from the local church buildings, most of them were left ruined, as bare concrete structures, unusable for worship services, while others were completely demolished.  Several of these congregations are currently worshiping in either make shift structures (tents) or in the dilapidated structure of their church.

Given the level of devastation the need for renovation of damaged churches and the reconstruction of demolished ones cannot be over stressed.  Eleven churches were damaged and need renovation, 3 were completed destroyed and need reconstruction, while 3 currently under reconstruction need assistance for completion.

Pastor's Salary Support

Many of the local churches, especially rural ones, are not financially able to pay their pastors a sustainable salary.  As a result, many pastors are unable to provide for their families including an education for their children.  This is why we are seeking financial assistance and scholarships for the pastor's children.


Transportation is another essential need in both our partner districts.  Walking and sometimes public transportation (very limited in some areas, especially rural) are the only means of transportation.  Donations of at least a vehicle, motorcycles, and even bicycles would greatly enhance their ministry.


Liberia has an illiteracy rate of over 85% and since the civil war this has gotten worse.  In most of the rural areas of this area there are no educational institutions.  The young people living in suburban communities where schools are available lack the financial means to enroll.  For them scholarship assistance would be an ideal solution to their plight.  The cost (US dollars) for sponsorship per student is -

Elementary School - $50.00/student/year     Junior/Senior High - $ 100.00/student/year      University - $ 500.00/student/year

Material Assistance

Other items that would be greatly appreciated include the following -

~ bibles                             ~ choir robes                              ~ preaching robes                    ~ stoles             

~ Communion sets            ~ typewriters                               ~ book of worship                     ~ clerical collars   

~ PA system                     ~ musical instruments                  ~ Books of Discipline                 ~ Sunday School materials      

~ computers/printers        ~ Educational materials

Kakata/Farmington District

Scholarships - General Advance # 15125B/IGRC 2073

Pastor Salary - General Advance # 15124A/IGRC 2074

Reconstruction Assistance - Gen Ad # 15126N/IGRC 2075

Kokoyah District

Scholarships - General Advance # 15125B/IGRC 2076

Pastor Salary - General Advance # 15124A/IGRC 2077

Reconstruction Assistance - Gen Ad # 15126N/IGRC 2078