The Voinjama District covers the largest geographical area within Liberia.  It is located in the northern tip of the country, which is about the size of the State of Virginia. Lofa County, in which the Voinjama District is located, is a mountainous region that is bordered by Guinea on the north and east and Sierra Leone on the west.
The Lofa area was devastated by three main waves of tribal violence that swept the county, and in fact, the whole country, intermittently between 1989 and 2003.  Civilians were uprooted, families separated, women raped or killed if they refused the advances, boys conscripted as rebel soldiers, and men frequently tortured and executed.
The district remained inaccessible until the later part of 2004, when UN peace-keeping troops began to arrive and rebels were persuaded to put down their guns. All twenty-two local congregations totaling about four thousand members and homes were severely looted and destroyed. 
Hardest hit by these effects of war were pastors, women, children, and elderly persons who were deprived of basic necessities of life and thereby rendered homeless and totally displaced.  Families during this period were and even now continue to be uprooted from their traditional support system of subsistence farming and forced to heavily rely on handouts.  
Well Construction –
 Voinjama's new vehicle delivers relief items throughout the district -