Kaskaskia River District

District Superintendent

 Carol Lakota Eastin
 Email: clakotaeastin@igrc.org

Administrative Assistant

Kim Kueker

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm

KRD Facebook Page
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KRD Clergy Facebook Group
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District Office

1603 Salem Road
Mount Vernon, IL 62864-6293
Email: KaskaskiaRiver@igrc.org
Phone: (618) 242-2817





Kaskaskia River District Forms

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District Downloads

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Local Church Assessment for 2018-19


Five Star Book & Advance Special Information 

Who We Are

The Kaskaskia River District is comprised of 83 churches and three special ministries served by 54 clergy members.  

Ministry within the district takes place through individual churches and through Clusters (churches that are geographically close).  The district also receives direction through the leadership of the District Ministry Team (DMT).