Lay Servant Ministries News - Summer 2017

Important Lay Servant Ministries Annual Report Information

Summer is flying by and it will soon be time for our church/charge conferences.  I want to tell you about an important change to our annual reports.  Bishop Beard has decided that the forms required for these conferences will be submitted electronically.  Our Conference Committee on Lay Servant Ministries was leading the way, working with Paul Black last fall to put the LSM Annual Report on-line.

I know for some of you, this is great news and is long overdue.  For others, it will make your reporting more difficult.  I regret if that is the case for you.  Hopefully you will see the benefits in subsequent years when you will be able to call up the previous year's report and enter only information that has changed.

What Can You Expect?

Each church/charge will be receiving their "packet" on-line very soon, including the Lay Servant Ministries Annual Report.  Your pastor will send you an email with a link.  Click on the link and complete the form.  If the time is approaching for your church/charge conference and you have not received the link, please check with your pastor or church secretary.

The information required for the annual report is similar to previous years.  Instructions for completing the 2017 LSM Annual Report may be downloaded from

Who Must File An Annual Report?         

All Certified Lay Servants, Certified Lay Speakers, and Certified Lay Ministers must file this annual report to remain in good-standing.  Please submit only the on-line form.  If you are a Certified Lay Minister, you be filing an additional annual report as well.  You will be receiving information from Ava Williams and Cheryl Cain about that report.  

If you were a Local Lay Servant last year and opted not to take an Advanced Course, please do not compete an Annual Report.

What About Lay Servants with No or Limited Computer Access?

We understand that some lay servants do not have computers or email, and that some have slow or expensive internet connections.  If that describes your situation, please check with your local church for assistance.  If, for some reason, your church is unable to help you, please contact your District Director of Lay Servant Ministries or your District Office to arrange assistance.

Will there be some bumps along the way?  Probably.  However, I see great benefits to having more accurate and timely information, as well as storing less paper, at the local, district and conference levels.  

I look forward to reading how you are advancing the Kingdom through your ministries of leading, caring and communicating.


Jana Waite
Director, Lay Servant Ministries
Illinois Great Rivers Conference