Some classes meet throughout the school session and some only one week. All assignments are due on the dates given. If work will be late the course instructor must be contacted. During school, you will work individually and together in teams to complete additional assignments and experience practical dimensions of pastoral work. Click on each class heading for more complete information about the class.

Interpreting Scripture Through Preaching

Basic preaching techniques, sermon composition and preparation will be explored. Each student will be required to construct and deliver an original sermon.

Theology of Methodism in Church History

This course will examine significant theological themes as they developed over the course of Church history. In this day of the globalization of the Church, it is especially important to hear the voices of as many brothers and sisters in Christ in the past as possible in order to correctly perceive the situation the Church faces today. It is the aim of this course to better prepare the student to discern Christ's workings in the world today


To assist the believer in developing an evangelistic presence in a highly diverse and broken world through the development of a personal witness and an increased understanding of the spiritual needs that surround us.

Spiritual Formation Through a Wesleyan Lens

In this course our focus will be to experience, examine, and express our connection with God and the world. You will be invited to be a part of a spiritual formation group, practice different dimensions of our spiritual life and examine our Wesleyan roots. There will be individual, small group, and entire class time spent on these endeavors.

Discipline of The United Methodist Church

We will become familiar with the Book of Discipline as a guide for congregations in their journey and connection. There will be individual, small group, and entire class time spent on these endeavors. 

Pastoral Care

This Pastoral Care class provides an introduction to the ministry of pastoral care and counseling. Issues addressed include: Pastoral Care Theology; Prayer; Empathetic Listening; Ministry to the Sick, Dying, & Bereaved; Premarital Counseling; Clergy Ethics in Ministry; Care of the Self for Ministry; and the handling of Grief. Role-play will be used as a learning tool, and students will reflect on their own experience as a resource for ministry. Emphasis is on the practical matters for the local pastor.


This class will equip students with the fundamental tools for planning and leading services of Christian worship. Attention will be given to practical aspects concerning baptism, the Lord's Supper, weddings and funerals. The student will be made aware of traditional structures of Methodist worship as well as being introduced to new aspects and styles of worship.

Interpreting Scripture Through Teaching

Each student will interact with the themes of the Bible and the genres of literature in God's Word. Each student will be equipped with methods for appropriating and teaching the many-faceted message of the Bible.