The IGRC ListServ is for timely electronic sharing of information between individuals and groups who are officially related to the Conference. The ListServ maintains a database of e-mail address of individuals, churches and groups who have expressed a desire to electronically receive and share information. Information distributed on the ListServ is intended to have application and interest to the entire Annual Conference.

Individuals "self-identify" to be on the ListServ e-mail distribution by subscribing to the e-newsletter distributed by Constant Contact. Since e-mail addresses change periodically, it is the user's responsibility to maintain her/his e-mails with the ListServ by re-registering with an e-mail address change. E-mail addresses that are undeliverable after a reasonable number of attempts will be dropped from the list. At the beginning of each month, the ListServ manager will send out a "Greeting" from the Conference ListServ. If a person does not receive this email, they should re-register for the list.  Notices, when received, go out daily at 3pm, except in emergency situations.  

Information that may be shared on the ListServ — Our Christian concern is for people and events everywhere in the world. Our resources limit the primary focus of the ListServ only to people, news and events directly associated with the IGRC and of conference-wide interest. ListServ items are limited to:

  • Emergency Conference News Items
  • Death Notices (clergy or clergy spouses, active or retired, from IGRC; information will be confirmed by the Board of Pensions)
  • Upcoming events directly related to the IGRC or ministries
  • Prayer requests
  • Items of particular conference-wide interest

As a courtesy to others, and to ensure the timely dissemination of information, users are asked to limit the number of times they request prayers for an ongoing circumstance.

Subscribe to the ListServ and Unsubscribe to the ListServ

use this link to manage your email address on the Conference List Serv enewsletter list via Constant Contact   


Post a message to the ListServ

To post to the ListServ (send an email as shown below)
Address Line:
Subject Line: Item for the ListServ: (detail)
Text message: (please limit to about 50 words, or 5 lines of text, if possible) Your full name, email address and/or telephone number must appear after the message.

The author assumes primary responsibility for the posting content. All postings are subject to review and edit to conform to the ListServ guidelines. You must be a member of the ListServ to post to the ListServ.

Under most circumstances, the above e-mail address will be checked for ListServ postings twice each day (usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon), including holidays and weekends.

Information that will not be posted on the ListServ Information details that may be considered confidential and/or embarrassing will not be posted, including information that attacks, defames or affects the integrity of a person. Other examples include: information from individuals or groups not directly related to or officially a part of IGRAC; financial or fund-raising appeals of any kind; products for sale, trade or give-away; district calendars of events; local church announcements; discourses on personal, political or theological positions; church-related position openings or job search queries.

A note about sending out information: As caring Christians who call themselves United Methodists, we often have news that may not exactly fit the criteria mentioned above. The Communications Team encourages both clergy and lay persons to be in touch with outlets in their local church and district offices to send and receive information in their local communities, and to develop as much as possible a similar ListServ or e-mail distribution of news for their particular district.

Updated Fall 2015