Looking for a Church?

While it may be possible for a person to live the Christian faith without being a part of the church, it can also be said that life is more difficult when one chooses that path. This is not to say that churches are perfect. Because the church is a human enterprise, it falls short many times. However, when empowered by God, the church can be an amazing place in which one's faith can grow. Together, we are able to accomplish what we cannot by ourselves.

The People of The United Methodist Church help people in their community; accept you for who you are; offer a place to belong; care for and support each other; show respect for other religions; support people facing difficulty; welcome diverse opinions and beliefs; and guide others to find deeper meaning.

Use the Church Locator find a church near you in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference or use the Find-a-Church locator for the rest of the country to locate the church for you! After all, the church is the only organization ever created for those that are not yet a part of it.