Medicare Supplement Change

UMR logoOn May 1, 2022, HealthSCOPE will transition to UMR, a United Health Care Company.

UMR will be the name of the IGRC Medicare Supplement Plan.  You will receive new member ID cards in April 2022.  Please continue to use your HealthSCOPE ID card until May 1, 2022.  If you do not receive your new UMR ID card by May 1, contact Brenda Harris by calling 217-529-2308 or email

Your network is not changing, and your doctors are not changing.  Please let your current health care provider know of this change.  If your current provider tells you they are not participating, contact Harris who will work with UMR to let your provider know of the change.

None of your current benefits will change.  You will still have the exact same plan and coverage as you do with HealthSCOPE.  Only the name of the company is changing.

We will work with UMR to keep you informed as HealthSCOPE continues their transitions.

Thank you for understanding during this time of change.

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about the Medicare Supplement Change