Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems (ILCAAAP)


Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems (ILCAAAP)/Illinois Churches in Action (ICIA) is a statewide-non-profit organization dedicated to preventing problems caused by alcohol, other drugs, and gambling.

Established in 1898, ILCAAAP (originally “The Anti-Saloon League”) has been active in the prevention of alcohol and other addiction problems for over 100 years.  The Mission of ILCAAAP is to “open doors to freedom from addictive behavior for individuals and families in Illinois through public information, education, and legislation.”  The Anti-Saloon League in Illinois became the Temperance League of Illinois on May 22, 1948, and then Illinois Church Action on Alcohol Problems ILCAAP) on June 3, 1963.

In 1992, The ILCAAP Board of Trustees voted to include gambling as another area of prevention.  The decision was made because of the rapid expansion of gambling in Illinois and its close connection between the addictions of gambling and alcoholism.  In 1995, the board voted to make ILCAAAP Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems) the umbrella organization for anti-gambling groups in Illinois.  ILCAAAP works to oppose the expansion of gambling in the Illinois legislature, provides educational and informational resources to churches and grassroots action groups, and networks with the media and other states to provide information and expertise.

ILCAAAP is a voice for churches at the State Capitol.  ILCAAAP lobbies the Illinois Legislature to oppose the expansion of gambling, the legalization of drugs and supports the strict regulation and enforcement of alcohol laws.  The approach and programs of our organization have changed much through the years, but the basic concern to help people has remained.  We feel that we have a God-given ministry on behalf of and with the cooperation of churches in the state.

ICIA, a 501 (c) (3) affiliate of ILCAAAP, provides education out-reach to youth, churches, schools, and community groups.  The Alcohol Education Program for Youth provides prevention training for youth in grades 4-12 and for church youth workers.  ICIA also sponsors the ILCAAAP Teen Board.

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