Missionary Covenant Relationship

The Covenant program enables congregations to surround mission personnel with prayer, provide salary assistance and have a personal connection with a GBGM missionary. A congregation completes a Covenant Relationship form and makes an annual contribution to a GBGM missionary in the amount of $5 per member or $2,500 per congregation. Please give first consideration to missionaries listed in the IGRC Five Star information. A listing is found below.

Through a Covenant Relationship congregations and missionaries
• Communicate regularly
• Uphold each other in prayer
• Meet face-to-face during the missionary’s itineration assignment.

Click here to fill out the online Covenant Agreement Form 

Dr. Lester DornanDebbie Dornan

Lester and Debbie Dornan -- Nepal

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Helen Roberts-Evans






Helen Roberts-Evans -- Liberia

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Priscilla Jaiah

Priscilla Legay Jaiah -- Liberia

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Larry Kies

Larry and Jane Kies -- Zimbabwe

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Richard NavarroAlma Navarro

Richard and Alma Navarro -- Taiwan

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Sandra Raasch

Sandra Raasch -- Honduras

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Jacques Umembudi

Jacques Akasa Umembudi -- Congo

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Connie Wieck

Connie Wieck -- China

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