Message from the District Superintendent

Mississippi River District Mission Project update:
12 participants in our District partnered with Lisa Guilliams and Granite City Trinity UMC to be in mission with their Twigs (Summer Children’s feeding program); mobile mart (once a month feeding program for Granite); and their Bi-Monthly Figs program(Ministry to Seniors in Granite). In addition, we assisted and provided support for the Trinity VBS held three evenings during the week. 

Mississippi River District News:
Congratulations to Mike Rucker, pastor at Trenton First, for winning the Harry Denman Evangelism award presented to him at Annual Conference. CRAVE, a ministry of Rosewood Heights St. Paul UMC in the Mississippi River District, was the laity recipient.

Congratulations to Larry Weber, Bobby Davis, and Marian McCray who were elected Lay Delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference next year in Portland and Peoria respectively.

Congratulations to Ed Weston who is working for Preacher’s Aid Society during his day off for this next Conference year after which he will retire and work fulltime for Preacher’s Aid beginning July 1, 2016.

Thank You to our District churches for your tremendous response to the African University appeal. Approximately $64,000 has either been given or pledged to the African University Scholarship campaign. Let’s continue to make a concerted effort to subscribe our pledges and receive funds this Conference year leading up to Annual Conference, 2016.

Upcoming Dates:

July 17-31 – DS on vacation. Contact Karen at the District office, if it’s a weekend and there is an emergency, Cache River DS Roger Russell will provide coverage. I will be back in the office the week of August 3. Thanks.

August 12-16 – DS at National Congregational Development committee meeting in Indianapolis.

August 30 – MRD Pastor and Families Summer Picnic - to be held at Horner Park in Lebanon. Time: 1:30-4:00 pm. Food and Entertainment are provided. Invitations will be sent out soon. Come meet the new Pastors in our District.

September 30 – Clergy Mentor Training at Litchfield St. Timothy UMC, Litchfield, Illinois. Time: 10-12 noon. Lunch provided. RSVP to the District Office.

October 10 - Mississippi River District Congregational Development workshop led by Mike Crawford, to be held at Troy UMC. The workshop is entitled, “How to Reach New People.” Register online on the IGRC website. Please bring a team with you for maximum impact. Time: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Lunch is provided.