Pastor Jim Aniol prepares to start a race with team captain Jacob Martin in 2019. Jacob is sitting in a racing chariot.

myTEAM TRIUMPH (mTT) is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit athletic ride-along program started in 2008 by Ronald Robb of St. Joseph Michigan. mTT was created for differently-abled people who would normally not be able to experience endurance events such as triathlons or road races without the assistance of able-bodied runners and cyclists providing the propulsion via legs or bicycle. Each mTT team is composed of a Captain, the person riding along in a specially designed stroller, and one to three Angels, one Angel pushing, and two Angels running in front of the stroller on the right and the left warning the runners in front of them that “a Captain” is approaching. mTT prefers the term “differently-abled” over “disabled” because the children and adults that participate in mTT have the ability to extract more love out of their Angels than we ever thought possible.

mTT was able to purchase the pictured chariot with a Disability Awareness Grant from the IGRC Accessibility Ministries and contributions from Cambridge UMC. This is the second chariot purchased by the members of Cambridge UMC who are focused on reaching out to the others that are loved by Jesus in Matthew 25:35-40. Because of this grant and the saints at Cambridge UMC we are able to get more differently-abled athletes on the road.