Native American Ministries

Native American Ministry
There are 100,000 Native people living in Illinois.
We belong to all Nations. We belong to all People.

Speakers are available on various Native American topics. Call us to have someone speak to your church or group. We also have a 3 minute power point presentation featuring our IGRC Native American Ministries. The presentation can be shown during or before your services.

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NAF Dayspring
The Native American Fellowship has been meeting for 13 years. We have met in church basements, barns, parks and a machine shed. On Pentecost Sunday 2005, the Native American Fellowship Dayspring Church was chartered as a mission congregation of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.

The 43 beautiful wooded acres in East Peoria, Illinois that were gifted to the Fellowship in 2000 is a sacred place filled with diverse wildlife and plant life, a freshwater spring and a creek. This is where we have built our sanctuary.

Our Native American heritage teaches us to recognize the sacred in all of God's creation, to respects and honor the gifts each creation brings.

Native American Ministry Resources
Seven Circles Heritage Center
Academic Outreach — provides immersion experiences, classes and internships. Northwestern PreMed students came to Seven Circles to learn the healing ways of native people. University instructors attended a workshop to learn Native American healing ways.

¦ Emiquon
Native people are assisting the Nature Conservancy on the reclamation project near Lewistown.