Second Lay Ballot Results

published 6/2/2011
Total Ballots Cast: 620 Total Needed to Elect: 311 Rhonda Whitaker 307 Bunny Wolfe 250 Paul Black 243 Mike Potts 240 Ryan Davis 205 Marian McCray 202 Melissa Calvillo 168 Steve Schonert 158 Carolyn Yockey 156 Robin Williams 141 LaVon Wilson 128 Fred Iutzi 127 John Kauerauf 126 Alan Pratts 104 Carol Rankin 99 Mindy Farren 80 Sarah Brian 79 Ava Williams 73 Sally Smith 66 Mary McQuilkin 59 Anthony Stauder 55 Karen Hart 49 Sharon Atchison 42 Kara Crawford 33 Noel Madding 31 David Bell 20 Clark ...

Third Clergy Ballot Results

published 6/2/2011
Total Ballots Cast 350 Needed to Elect: 176 Shane Bishop 154 Randy Robinson 147 Sara Isbell 138 Roger Ross 116 Andy Adams 104 Jan Griffith 104 Keith Zimmerman 101 Sylvester Weatherall 77 Gay Crede 75 Jason Woolever 65 Dennis Price 64 Rose Booker-Jones 58 Rick Van Giesen 56 Alan Rhein 54 Beverly Wilkes-Null 42 Jeremiah Thompson 36 Carol Lakota Eastin 31 Mary Arnold 27 Tom Goodell 26 Dan Harry 21

Third Lay Ballot Results

published 6/2/2011
Total Ballots Cast: 575 Needed to Elect:  288 Rhonda Whitaker  284 Paul Black 251 Mike Potts 246 Bunny Wolfe 238 Marian McCray 211 Ryan Davis 205 Melissa Calvillo 174 Steve Schonert 119 Robin Williams 119 Carolyn Yockey 110 Fred Iutzi 96 LaVon Wilson 81 John Kauerauf 75  

Wesley's Way: Accountable Discipleship

published 6/2/2011
Intentional Faith Development in the way of John Wesley is one of “accountable discipleship,” according to Dr. Paul Chilcote. “Despite the sibling rivalry that characterized the relationship between John and Charles Wesley, it’s abundantly clear that they were intentional about being accountable to one another in virtually every aspect of their living,” Chilcote said. Chilcote, the director of Applied Wesleyan Studies at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio, was Thursday’s Theologian in ...

God's Best: A Promise

published 6/1/2011
Bishop Woodie White said he had a list of questions for God when he gets to heaven. "That's one of the reasons I want to go to heaven," White said during the Memorial Sermon that opened the 2011 Annual Conference. "I think of all those different tragedies ... accidents, Alzheimer's cancer... and I say, 'God is that the best you can do?'" And then, White said, "God says, 'Woodie, I anticipated your question and I thought I would answer before you asked: In my Father's House are many ...

IGRC Commission on Religion & Race Initial Report

published 6/1/2011
In a recent sermon the pastor stated, “one of the highest calling and highest challenge is to live in community”. He reminded us of the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood that was so peaceful, however, not many  people lived there! Indeed, when we live in community we live with all the idiosyncrasies of our neighbors. Wow, how do we learn to build relationship and live in community?   Here at our Annual Conference it’s like being at the annual family reunion or big block party. Indeed, the Annual ...

Webstream Cancelled for Entire Conference

published 6/1/2011

Due to unexpected circumstances, there will be no webstreaming of the 2011 Annual Conference session.

Growing Into the Full Measure of Jesus Christ

published 5/21/2011

2011 Annual Conference explores Intentional Faith Development in Peoria June 1-4

McCoy to speak at Clergy Session

published 5/19/2011
Dr. Myron McCoy, president of St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Mo., and Oklahoma City, Okla., will be the speaker for clergy session at the 2011 Annual Conference which will begin on Wednesday, June 1 in Peoria. The Clergy Session will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Pere Marquette Hotel, beginning at 2 p.m. McCoy has been president of St. Paul School of Theology since August 2003. Bringing more than two decades of experience in local church leadership, including serving as a ...

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