Africa University endowment goes over the top

published 1/25/2017
The Bishop Jonathan and Beverly Keaton Endowment from the Making Dreams Possible Campaign has surpassed the $1 million goal with a total of $1,003,907. Prior to the $1 million campaign, the Illinois Great Rivers Conference provided four endowed scholarships and two additional scholarships to Africa University. With the completion of the campaign, the conference now will endow 12 scholarships in perpetuity.

Rivers of Life donation to AU

published 6/11/2016
The Rivers of Life Clergy Band presented Bishop Jonathan Keaton a $2,647 check for Africa University’s Making Dreams Possible campaign prior to the band leading worship at Annual Conference.

One million reasons to tee-it-up for Africa University

published 1/29/2016
The Fifth Annual Bishops' Open will be Friday, April 22, at the Edgewood Golf Club in Auburn, just minutes south of Springfield.

The Bishop’s Open offers you many ways to touch the lives that enter the corridors of Africa University:
Pray for Africa University
Bring a Foursome for an Awesome Day of Fun
Be a Recruiter. We need 144 golfers and you can pass the word around
Register early as an individual and we will help you to find three new friends
If you are not a golfer, volunteer for a shift or for the whole day
Donate gifts that can be auctioned off to benefit this endowment

Financial commitment made to Africa University campaign

published 6/10/2015
A total of $568.089 in financial commitments were made tp the Africa University Making Dreams Possible Scholarship Campaign at the opening night service of the 2015 Annual Conference.

Africa University scholars graduate, begin their careers

published 7/21/2014
Two recipients of graduate-level scholarships have finished their studies at Africa University and are beginning their professional careers.
Melvin Nye Payekar of Liberia and Ivan Milosi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been recipients of two graduate study scholarships where one of the recipients is from Liberia and the other from another African nation. Both biographies have similarities and both saw their dreams fulfilled for an education met through the generosity of offerings within the IGRC. Both graduated from Africa University's Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance, the newest of Faculties (Schools) at Africa University, which seeks to train students to return to their country and assist in ways to bring about peace and reconciliation.

Making Dreams Possible...Africa University Scholarship Campaign launches, aims to raise $1 million in two years' time

published 7/21/2014
Since the groundbreaking of Africa University took place in 1991 at Old Mutare this Illinois Great Rivers Conference and its predecessor conferences have been involved in “The Dream” of making Africa University possible. Mr. Jim Salley, Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement for Africa University made comments in his 2014 IGRC Annual Conference address saying, “The Illinois Great Rivers Conference is in the DNA of Africa University.”

Illinois Area Takes Africa University to Heart

published 4/1/2013
On Saturday of the first week of the 1988 General Conference, the plenary session opened debate on establishing a university on the African continent. The air was electric with excitement and anticipation as if the contagious enthusiasm of Richard Reeves had spread throughout the throng of 1,000 delegates and 2,000 visitors. When the overwhelming approval came, plus $20 million for its 1988-1992 budget, spontaneously everyone rose as one body and applauded what we had done until our hands were ...

It All Began with a Bishop's Dream

published 4/1/2013
On March 24, as people gathered for the 20th anniversary celebration of Africa University in Old Mutare, Zimbabwe, few, if any, knew that 115 years earlier (on March 24), an event occurred in London that would ultimately determine the location of the school.   On that day, Cecil Rhodes – of Rhodes Scholarship fame – deeded 16,000 acres of land to Joseph C. Hartzell for Methodist mission work in Southern Rhodesia, which Rhodes was trying to develop through immigration of white people from South ...

IGRC Embarks on New Scholarships Fund

published 3/7/2013
The Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC) is expanding it support for Africa University by raising an additional $250,000 for scholarships. The conference's plan is to provide immediate support and help at least 10 students to complete four years of study. Each of the conference's 10 districts is being asked to raise $25,000, which would support one student from freshman year to graduation day. The IGRC's Africa University Committee announced the effort at the 2012 Annual Conference. Richard ...