Upcoming missionary visits to IGRC


As churches move into a new calendar year, some are considering a missionary relationship, someone to support. Below are some missionaries to consider.
We have some missionaries that will be visiting the conference later this year. If you would like any of them to visit you, please contact me at clpy508@aol.com or by calling 309-452-3936.


Daniel and Rachel Gabler, Nov. 15-25

Daniel and Rachel GablerDaniel and Rachel Gabler who serve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are interested in speaking to churches in our conference, tentatively Nov. 15-25.
Daniel is a pilot and mechanic who is head of a maintenance center for three flight ministries in that country. From 2007 to 2012, he worked in aviation ministries from a base in White River, South Africa, where his gifts and skills were shared, enabling ZUMAT (Zululand Mission Air Transport) and Mercy Air to maintain their planes.
Rachel, who grew up in Bolivia, is a partner with her husband in the aviation ministry. She previously served in Mozambique with World Vision as an administrative officer and as a human resources manager in Maputo and Tete.
Daniel’s Missionary Support Code: 19239Z
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Rachel’s Missionary Support Code: 12940Z
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