Raysons raising funds for Imagine No Malaria


Sam RaysonRevs. Mike and Amy Rayson are raising funds for Imagine No Malaria in memory of their late son’s 18th birthday March 28 and what would have been his high school graduation year.
Samuel Thomas William Rayson was born March 28, 1996 in Port Lincoln, Australia. Sam died in May 2007 in a farm accident near the Quad Cities. In memory of Sam's birthday and graduation, the Raysons are inviting people to give a gift to the work of Imagine No Malaria. To do so, please use this link:


You will find a box you can select to give "in memory of". Please also (whether you are or not) select the box called "Are you a member of The United Methodist Church or Organization?"... then select "Annual Conference" from the drop down menu... then finally select "Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference" from the next drop down menu. 

The Raysons have created a memorial page for Sam on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/samuelthomaswilliamrayson. Proceeds of the appeal for Imagine No Malaria will go toward the $2.5 million goal set by the Illinois Great Rivers Conference in 2010.