Franklin promoted to Associate Coordinator of Camping and Youth Ministry


SPRINGFIELD -- To better support the Conference Camping and Youth Ministries, Curt Franklin has been named Associate Coordinator of Camping and Youth Ministries.
On his new role, Franklin says, “I am very excited about the new role I am stepping into. As we refocus the ministries, my hope is that with the support of the Conference Camping and Youth Ministries our local churches will see transformation in their young people. It is my desire that both young people and churches will be better equipped to reach the world that lies ahead.”
While he will still be working closely with camping, his primary emphasis will be on ministry to youth and their leaders in the IGRC. In coordination with the creation of this new position, consultants from Ministry Architects will be working closely with conference leadership, youth leaders, and youth to help cast a vision for youth ministry for our conference. More details on this work will be coming soon.
Franklin grew up in Toulon and attended the United Methodist Church in town. He became a member of Toulon UMC in high school and has been involved in camping and youth ministries since the summer of 2000.
In the fall of 2009, Curt married Kristin Franklin and came on full-time as a program manager for Camping and Youth Ministries. Curt and Kristin are members of Crossroads UMC in Washington where Kristin is the Director of Children’s Ministries. Curt loves spending time with family and friends, playing instruments, or being outdoors.
What’s with the beard and long hair? Kristin jokingly made a challenge years ago that he couldn’t go a year without cutting his hair. He won that challenge and now donates his hair to Pantene beautiful lengths; however, he seems to be rapidly running out of brown hair to donate. Time for a haircut?