Youth at Annual Conference information


If your congregation is sending a youth (age 12-18) to annual conference as a church representative, district member-at-large, or even tag-along, contact the Office of Camping, Retreat, and Youth Ministries know as soon as possible so we can connect him/her with other youth and resources at annual conference.  You may email Alice Shirley at or phone her at 217-529-2646 with the information.
The youth of annual conference are provided special seating in a section of the annual conference floor, and mentors are provided to help them find their way around and explain what’s going on.  The youth ministry also provides additional activities and outings for all youth who come, even if they are not members of the annual conference.  The youth’s custodial parent (if youth is a minor) will be required to complete and sign a Liability Release Form which they must present before joining youth activities.  Youth age 18 and may fill out the form themselves.  That form can be obtained by going to and downloading the 2014 Annual Conference Release of Liability Form or contacting the camping office at  or 217-529-3007.
Note that youth are expected to be under the supervisory eye of another adult during annual conference.  Mentors are not serving as in loco parentis, except when youth are away from the Civic Center on planned youth activities.  No youth lodging arrangements have been or will be made.