UM Children's Home reaccredited


The EAGLE Accreditation Commission has confirmed re-accreditation for United Methodist Children’s Home in Mt. Vernon. There are only 38 health and welfare institutions nationwide that have achieved EAGLE status in recognition of their efforts toward excellence.
The Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence, or EAGLE Accreditation Commission, is designed for faith based, health and wholeness organizations to enhance the quality of services provided. It utilizes voluntary self-assessment and peer review processes based upon principles and goals to promote excellence in Christian Ministry. EAGLE was established on the belief that organizations committed to excellence go beyond licensing standards set by state and federal regulators, to achieve exceptional service.
“Being EAGLE Accredited means a lot to United Methodist Children’s Home. It adds to our credibility as a quality service provider and gives focus to our Christian-based mission work,” says Gary Lemmon, UMCH President / CEO. “Also, being peer reviewed has allowed us to develop stronger relationships with other child care ministries as well as pointing out developing opportunities in which we can improve and grow.”
EAGLE principles address: Christian Mission and Church Relationship, Governance and Strategic Planning, Holistic Care for the Client, Community Responsiveness, Quality Assurance/Improvement and Corporate Compliance, Human Resource Management, Physical Resources Management, Financial Resource Management, Public Relations/ Fund Raising/ Marketing, Mergers, Networks and Alliances.
United Methodist Children’s Home has four locations in Mt. Vernon, including: UMCH Main Campus on Richview Road, Community Connections Counseling and Professional Services on North Water Tower, Bright Start Child and Family Education Center on South 32nd Street, and community-based services offices on 27th Street. Last year, UMCH provided services through eight programs to over 1200 children, families, and individuals.