Preachers’ Aid Society unveils mission and giving websites


Preachers’ Aid Society unveils mission and giving websites
By Ed Weston
PASBF Director of Development

The primary mission of Preacher's Aid Society and Benefit Fund is to take care of our IGRC pastors in their retirement years.   We accomplish that mission by providing a medicare supplement to our retirees (certain conference qualifications must be met); providing emergency financial assistance to retirees; providing pre-retirement training; providing numerous fellowship opportunities and much more.

But, we also see the need to assist local churches in their stewardship ministry.  As Director of Development, I have assisted three churches in 2018 with capital campaigns; provided stewardship training in six of our districts;  assisted on a limited basis local churches with their budgets.  You can read more about our ministry at our web site:

We have also established a "giving" web site that every member of our conference should utilize.   It offers up-to-date information on tax changes; unique giving ideas; and the opportunity to sign up for a weekly newsletter filled with important articles on current events. There are guides to assist you in your will and estate planning too!  Check it out and sign up for the free newsletter at:   

Our Executive Director Rev. Keith Anderson and I are available to fill your pulpits for vacation or to assist in fall stewardship/consecration Sundays.    Currently, i only have three Sundays open for the remainder of 2018, but I am beginning to schedule 2019 events.