Camping and Retreat Ministry Staffing Changes


Camping and Retreat Ministry Staffing Changes
On November 3, 2018, the Conference Commission on Camping and Retreat Ministry met to discuss creative options to decrease administrative expenses and to best position the ministry to achieve an increased quality of programs. The Commission determined that several changes would be made in 2019 to accomplish these goals. It is our desire to be the best stewards of our resources and we have determined that we are overstaffed and utilizing strategic models that are no longer sustainable if we are to maximize our mission.
The decisions made will result in the following changes at our sites:

  • The position of Minister of Mission Expansion (MME) has been eliminated and we will no longer have any staff in this role beginning in 2019. We have had two staff in this role: Kim Stuby and Ed Hoke.
  • We celebrate Kim Stuby, current MME of Camping, for her years of service and ministry at both of our sites. Her ministry has impacted countless lives and we are thankful for her leadership.
  • We celebrate Ed Hoke who will take retired status as a Full Elder in IGRC on December 31, 2018. Ed has agreed to continue at Little Grassy in the role of Acting Site Manager until a new Site Manager is hired in 2019. At that time, Ed Hoke will work primarily in the area of Facility Maintenance.
  • The Coordinator of Camping and Retreat Ministries, Patric Newton, will be transitioning to East Bay Camp and taking on Site Manager duties in addition to his current responsibilities.
  • Both camps will be hiring an additional staff member to fill open positions on site. At East Bay we will begin searching soon for a new Program Team Leader, and at Little Grassy we will begin a search for a Site Manager. Both of these positions have been updated to take on additional responsibilities in order to decrease our need of additional support staff at those sites. We expect a national search to yield key individuals which will bring the experience, ideas, and leadership that we need to continue to move our camping ministry into a healthy and vibrant existence.
  • The decision was also made to scale back some of our year-round and summer staff hiring by creating new staffing models and expanding current job descriptions to more appropriately meet the needs at our sites.
The Camping and Retreat Ministry recognizes that a shift in strategy is needed to expand our impact in making disciples of Jesus Christ. When developed several years ago, the Minister of Mission Expansion job description included key responsibility for creating partnerships and finding new resource streams for the IGRC camping ministry. We are shifting away from this model in which one or two individuals carry that responsibility to an updated model in which all camp staff see this as their responsibility.
We have made a lot of progress in the past several years and we believe 2019 will be the year that we reach some important milestones. The decisions we are making today will impact many lives into the future and we are working hard, through prayer, to discern the best way forward. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at camp soon!