Medicare Part D open season underway


Retired pastors and spouses are reminded that Medicare Part D, the portion of Medicare that covers prescription drug costs, is now conducting its Open Season for 2016.

Persons have the ability to change your Part D Plan anytime between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7. If you choose to stay with your current coverage, it will continue without doing anything.

It is highly advisable that everyone do a Review and Compare on the 2016 plans – even if you have been satisfied with your current plan. Open Season is also the only time the insurance companies can make changes to their premiums, co-pay structure, deductibles and formulary list. Those changes can impact your overall costs.

Preachers’ Aid Society and Health Benefit Fund can assist you with the Review and Compare. They are prepared to meet with persons at all of the PASBF Fall Banquets or can set up an appointment to meet with you. One can also choose to meet with a SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) counselor in your area. There is no cost for assistance from either PASBF or SHIP.

To schedule your appointment with PASBF, call 217-529-3221 or call SHIP toll-free at 800-548-9034 to find a SHIP counselor in your area.

The past few years have shown that persons that do not do a Review and Compare sometimes have seen their out-of-pocket expenses increase dramatically. And those who have done the Review and Compare have been able to save several hundred dollars by switching plans.