The privilege of serving God


Dr. John Hamilton

PEORIA – To Dr. John Hamilton, ministry has been a great privilege of serving God. And he used the commissioning service and retirees recognition to recall that privilege to fellow retirees and to provide guidance to two who are just beginning their ministry.

In litany fashion, Hamilton listed the nature of the privilege.
“We have had the privilege of serving the interested and the bored, the committed and half-committed (including ourselves); of seeing thousands who have faith in Jesus Christ; of inviting the generosity of the faithful for being health, hope and healing to this world; and ministering in a connectional church that values discipleship in Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” Hamilton said in part.
Utilizing the gospel text regarding the slave and his master, Hamilton noted that the slave/servant willingly attached himself to a landowner so he and his family would have a life. “The relationship was one of mutuality; the master provided a home and took care of the servant’s basic needs and the servant committed to loyalty and obedience.”
Hamilton noted that the servant would never eat at the master’s table or assume equality but that the relationship was borne out through service.
“Consider your call to ministry as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ,” Hamilton said. “Consider what it means to serve God. At the end of the day, God owes us nothing. Our reward is the greatest reward in that we were faithful.”
Bishop Gregory V. Palmer presided over the service of commissioning. Jessica Lauer was commissioned as a provisional elder and Kim Stuby was commissioned as a provisional deacon.
Sixteen retirees totaling 478 years of ministry were also recognized with video testimonies presented as part of the recognition service.  View the video testimonies...