Commission on Religion and Race Monitoriing Report


The Commission team has attempted to offer some sense of the inclusivity of our annual conference attendees. Indeed, every event has not been monitored, thus we offer this summary as a snapshot.

Did you know that?
The Conference Nominations Report reflects that
·         581 members across are serving on Conference level committees and among these 75 ethnic members are represented.
·         The District level has 314 members serving and 14 members are ethnic.
·         The eight educational institutions have 89 persons serving on institutional Boards and Foundations with 6 ethnic persons involved in some capacity
·         Health and Welfare agencies have 114 conference members serving and 21 of those members are ethnic.
The Nominations Report reports there are over 1,250 conference members a district, conference or national level with ethnic representation totaling 126 members serving in some capacity.
That during the Worship Experiences Wednesday through Friday our involvement has been:
Male 62
Female 22
Clergy 44
Lay Persons 34
White 64
Black 13 (read scriptures)
Comments: The language used in sermons was inclusive as well as the hymn selection. However, overall the music was male dominated and was not inclusive of all. There was no Hispanic/ Latino participation and Native participation received negative side comments from high level of leadership.
The plenary session discussions generated a total of 222 speakers however the participation was limited and there are voices in our midst that remain silent.
Male – 150                                          Clergy – 151                                        White - 185
Female – 72                                        Lay Persons – 70                               Black – 39