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Election logoTo find out more about the candidates and their platforms on issues, visit the following websites:

Political parties
Democratic Party of Illinois: http://www.idems.com
Republican Party of Illinois: http://www.weareillinois.org
Green Party of Illinois: http://www.ilgp.org
Libertarian Party of Illinois: http://www.il.lp.org
Governor/lieutenant governor
William E. Brady, Jr. and Jason Plummer (Republican): http://www.bradyforillinois.com
Scott Lee Cohen and Baxter Swiley (Independent): http://www.scottleecohen.com
Lex C. Green and Ed Rutledge (Libertarian): http://www.electlex.com
Pat Quinn and Sheila Simon (Democratic): http://www.quinnforillinois.com
Richard J. Whitney and Don Crawford (Green): http://www.whitneyforgov.org
U. S. Senate
Willie E. “Will” Boyd (write-in candidate): http://www.willboyd4illinois.com
Alexander Giannoulias (Democratic): http://www.alexiforillinois.com
LeAlan M. Jones (Green):   http://www.lealanforsenate.com
Mark Kirk (Republican):   http://www.kirkforsenate.com
Mike Labno (Libertarian): http://www.labno4senate.com
Attorney general
Steve Kim (Republican): http://www.stevekimforag.com
Lisa Madigan (Democratic): http://www.lisamadigan.org
Bill Malan (Libertarian): http://www.bill4ag.org
Secretary of State
Robert S. Enriquez (Republican): http://www.ilstatesec.com
Josh Hanson (Libertarian): Contact at 720 Crescent St., Wheaton, IL 60187
Jesse White (Democratic): http://www.jessewhite2010.com
Julie Fox (Libertarian):   http://www.foxforcomptroller.com
David E. Miller (Democratic): http://www.davidmillerillinois.com
R. Erika Schaefer (Green): http://www.electerika2010.com
Judy Baar Topinka (Republican): http://www.judybaartopinka.com
Robin L. Kelly (Democratic): http://www.robinfortreasurer.com
James Pauly (Libertarian): http://pauly4illinois.com
Dan Rutherford (Republican): http://www.danrutherford.org
Scott K. Summers (Green): http://www.summersfortreasurer.org
Source: Project VoteSmart, www.votesmart.org