2011 Program Calendar available for download


2011 Program Calendar CoverUtilizing the theme of Imagine No Malaria, the 2011 IGRC Program Calendar is now available for download at: www.igrc.org/2011programcalendar

Due to rising production costs, the 2011 program calendar was not printed but is available for download. Persons can download the entire document and print it out. The PDF file will not be updated throughout the year. Changes to the calendar will be updated on the conference calendar, located at: www.igrc.org/events/calendar.
Groups are reminded that as their meetings change, contact Michele Willson at mwillson@igrc.org, and changes will be made to the online calendar. Include the location of the meeting, the starting and end time and any costs associated with the event.

The Communications Team can also set up online registration for events with the only cost being what is charged by Paypal for processing credit card sales.