Society of St. Andrew offers Lenten devotionals


In keeping with the traditions of Lent, the Society of St. Andrew invites your congregation to participate in a program of spiritual reflection, prayer, and giving. Our Lenten devotion program challenges readers to take seriously the scriptural injunction to care for the poor, while it also provides an opportunity to feed our hungry brothers and sisters.

Each day during Lent, one of our gifted writers, using the theme We’ve a Story to Tell, describes how knowing Jesus has made a difference in his or her life. As you make the journey to the cross this year, use SoSA’s devotional booklet to think of how a relationship with Jesus has changed your life. Then ponder the question: "Are you willing to share your story, and the story of our Savior, with others?"

To obtain a free sample church packet, or personal packet of our devotion and giving program and the Good Friday Fast, call 800-333-4597, or email the Rev. Jennifer Vestal Moore.

There is no charge for the program. You are encouraged to make a donation to this feeding ministry as a part of the program.