About Methodist Mission in Cambodia


The Methodist Mission in Cambodia represents the combined efforts of Methodists and United Methodists in the U.S., Europe, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia working to engage in ministry and missions with the people of Cambodia.

Some of the programs sponsored by the United Methodist Church include:
Community Health and Agriculture Development (CHAD): Focuses on food security, health care, leadership development and entrepreneurship, including creating rice and cow banks to ensure stable food supply, promoting free medical clinics, holding training sessions for church leaders and providing microfinance loans to small businesses.
Faith Engine Ministry: Provides vocational training in automotive and motorcycle repair for young men and women from rural provinces, helping combat Cambodia’s staggeringly high youth unemployment rate of over 15 percent.
Cambodia Methodist Bible School: Prepares the church’s next generation of pastors for their future leadership positions with Biblical instruction and a college degree.
Street Children’s Ministries: Tackles the problems of malnourishment and illiteracy among Cambodia’s urban street children, many of whom live in dump sites outside the capital. Provides after-school and religious programming.
Women’s programs: Trains women in church and community leadership, Bible study and conflict resolution; makes gifts of start-up capital for women’s livelihood projects such as basket-weaving and vegetable growing.
Children and Youth scholarships: Helps break the cycle of poverty by providing children and youth with scholarships to attend primary and secondary school, and even university.

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