New Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling


Rev. Karen Blank-EwellBishop Gregory Palmer and the Committee on Pastoral Care and Counseling announce the appointment of the Reverend Karen Blank-Ewell as Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.  

Over the past several years a new understanding of the work the office of Pastoral Care and Counseling has evolved. Many persons across the conference have participated in the dialogue. The Committee on Pastoral Care and Counseling, Cabinet and Bishop celebrate the comprehensiveness of the new strategy as well as the partnership concept that undergirds this new understanding.
As Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Rev. Blank-Ewell’s responsibilities will include:
·       Working with Bishop and Cabinet as well as the PCC Committee, the editor of the new PCC website, and the covenant counselors to ensure that up-to-date, effective resourcing is provided for the clergy and families
·       Organizing and promoting educational or therapeutic events throughout the conference
·       Serve as an advocate for mental health, especially promoting the services and programs of PCC among clergy and their families
·       Nurturing synergy among all officials and agencies in the Annual Conference who share responsibility for pastoral care of pastors and their families
Rev. Blank-Ewell will begin serving in this half-time appointment July 1.  She is an ordained elder in the Missouri Conference who grew up in southern Illinois. Rev. Blank-Ewell will be living near Mt. Vernon where she will also be serving a part-time charge, Bluford-Wayne City.