Conference Ends Due to Lack of Quorum


The 2011 Annual Conference ended upon an abrupt note when a quorum count revealed there was an insufficient number of persons present to conduct business.

In order to conduct business, conference rules require a majority of those that answered roll call to be present. The quorum for 2011 was 681. The quorum count was answered by 592.
As a result, Bishop Gregory V. Palmer adjourned the 2011 session with several items of business not considered.
Those legislative items not considered were:
  • Legislative Item 109 – a change in the standing rules requiring parsonages for all full-time appointed clergy and the elimination of housing allowances.
  • Legislative Item 118 – resolution strongly encouraging the Board of Ministry to hold its Residents in Ministry retreats at IGRC facilities.
  • Legislative Item 119 – directing the Conference Board of Trustees to conduct a feasibility study concerning a single property and casualty insurance carrier for the IGRC and all its local churches with minimum coverage requirements.
  • Legislative Item 201 – directing the annual conference to contact government officials regarding environmentally responsible ways to extract natural resources for energy needs.
  • Legislative Item 202 – resolution directing that all general church apportionments be paid at the rate of collection rather than at 100 percent (Note: CFA policies approved by the conference directed full payment of apportionments)
  • Legislative Item 203 – directing that district superintendents and the Annual Conference hold a celebration of ministry for pastors with ministry milestones of 10, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years be recognized.
  • Legislative Item 204 – General Conference Petition, seeking to change the United Methodist Church’s position on the right to health care.
  • Legislative Item 205 – General Conference Petition, seeking to include gender identity and sexual orientation as part of the denomination’s Statement of Inclusiveness found in Paragraph 161E.
  • Legislative Item 206 – General Conference Petition, seeking substitution of Resolution 3245 with a statement on the Prohibition of Bullying.
  • Legislative Item 207 – General Conference Petition, seeking equal rights for gender identity.
  • Legislative Item 208 – General Conference Petition, asking the General Conference to consider setting bishop’s salaries at the level of the average denominational salary for Elder.
  • Legislative Item 209 – resolution seeking to have a formula developed to equalize the cost of annual conference expenses for attendees, primarily to address a difference in distances traveled to the conference.
General Conference petitions can still be submitted directly to the General Conference – even without Annual Conference action. Instructions for submitting petitions can be found by visiting the General Conference website at: