Stroble authors new six-week study


Paul Stroble, an elder in the conference, is the principal author of the new six-week curriculum called Faithful Citizen. available from the Center for the Congregation in Public Life . 

The Faith Citizen curriculum aims at helping church people recover a sense of mutual responsibility, covenant, and community. The lessons frame social issues using scripture, church tradition, and contemporary authors. The broad issues include ecology, international security, economy, globalization, health, and others. The lessons include a DVD component, designed and produced by the Center, with interviews of activists, pastors, and theologians who in turn address specific issues such as family, welfare, the environment, work, and so on.
The curriculum targets two kinds of audiences: volunteers in various social ministry programs in churches, and people in adult church education classes, who support social ministry but may not yet be involved. The goal, echoing Ephesians 4:12-13, is to equip persons to be disciples in our global society.
In the national bestseller, Habits of the Heart, sociologist Robert Bellah observes that America’s first language is individualism, but its second and, unfortunately, weaker language is that of community and covenant. Yet it was not always the weaker language. In "The Idea of Covenant and American Democracy," H. Richard Niebuhr points out the significant role of the covenant idea in the early American republic: “Covenant was the binding together in one body politic of persons who assumed through unlimited promise responsibility to and for each other and for the common laws, under God.”