Health Miles program announces changes, includes retirees, spouses


Virgin Health Miles logoFor Active and Retired participants in the IGRC Group Health Insurance Plan:

Changes are coming to the HealthMiles walking program:

Retirees and Spouses who are in the IGRC health insurance plan can now join the program. Go to to sign up. Hint: choose "Other" for your department.

The Preachers' Aid Society and Benefit Fund is paying for retirees' participation.

For all members - the Rewards system is changing. It will be goal-based instead of total steps taken. This is to enable more participants to become active and receive awards, not just the athletes among us. The program will set achievable goals based on your ability. If you meet or exceed your goal, you can earn $50 each quarter. If you achieve $50 each quarter for the year, you will receive a $100 bonus at the end of the year. The maximum reward is $300.

All members, regardless of enrollment date, will have their healthmiles reset to zero on Jan. 5. This is to make the goal program administratively practical. Any reward money already earned at that point will be retained.

Since everyone is beginning anew and since it is easier to receive rewards, this is a Great Time to join the program if you have no already done so. Go to to enroll now.