How Congregations Can Reach the Hispanic Community


Being missionaries in your own “back yard” may be not sound as fun and risky, but let me walk you through different suggestions with the hope you can feel called to partner in ministry by reaching your own Hispanics neighbors for Jesus.

Get in a High Risk Mission by reaching the Hispanic Community. Buy a box a Spanish Bibles and prepare ready to hand them out to your “amigos,” in the restaurants or when they visit your church.
  1. Change both outdoor and inside signs. Go “Bilingual.” Welcome-Bienvenido; Sanctuary-Santuario; Nursery – Cuidado de Niños; Restrooms – Baños. The department stores do, why not the church? It’s a sign of Radical Hospitality.
  2. Your Outreach Program Flyers should be bilingual, andbe placed in your community’s Mexican or international groceries, Mexican restaurants, Migrant Council Office; International Student Center boards, etc.
  3. Choose to designate September as your “Hispanic Heritage month.” Colleges and universities celebrate it. Extended an invitation to your church, invite the international students in your area, and cater some Mexican food from restaurants.
  4. Use Cinco de Mayo free advertisements in your community and offer your own program.The Hispanic community might have a formal folklore dance group and bring Hispanic bilingual speaker to talk about the Hispanic culture in your community, this will be very educational for your congregation and you will find very useful information that will help you reach them.
  5. Connect with your community college and ask offer them your building for English as a Second Language and U.S. Citizenship classes. Prepare a group of your mission team to host and welcome students, provide child care and see how easy it’s to make friends.
  6. Offer Spanish classes to your leadership team or Mission team.
  7. Make a missions trip to Honduras. The IGRC Missions office is working with them to start new churches. See information at  After the trip, use the highly motivated group to reach your Hispanic friends in your community.
And last but not least, partner up with one of our Conference’s Hispanic congregations. A new church start is a challenge, but starting a new Hispanic church is the hardest. Most of the new converts don’t have any basic Bible knowledge; most of them have never attended a Sunday school class nor sang a hymn. Be our missionary partner. Contact any of our Hispanic Pastors and help them to get the harvest.
Jesús es el Señor UMCCobden, Illinois Pastor Ernesto Treviño   618-893-2050
Nueva Esperanza-Caseyville, IL. Pastor Pablo Martí618-363-2309          
Manantial de Vida - Moline, IL.   Pastor Juan Carlos Lara 309-230-2379       
Nueva Vida - Beardstown, IL. Lay Missionary Evaristo Rodriguez  618-967-6209
Nueva Jerusalen – Kankakee, IL. Pastor Juan Ángel Rosales 815-214-0414
Renuevo, Latino ministry of the FUMC Peoria, IL.Pastor Adrián García 309-272-0910