Laity to celebrate completion of West Point School


John Kofi Asmah School in West Point neighborhood of Monrovia, LiberiaAt the Laity Session of Annual Conference 2008 we started on an amazing journey to build a school for the West Point neighborhood of Monrovia, Liberia. For the first time in the history of Illinois Great Rivers, we took up an offering during Laity Session, and we received over $11,000. Churches and individuals continued to give throughout the following year, raising the total to over $20,000. Bunny Wolfe, Coordinator of Missions and Outreach, tenaciously sought other means of funding to reach a level where construction could begin.

My friends, this spring that school was completed! For the FIRST TIME in its history the impoverished neighborhood of 70,000 people has a school that includes junior and senior high classes…. because the Laity of IGRC saw the need and vowed to meet it. 
Now we need to finish the job. The classrooms are ready but the supplies are not. About half of the required desks have been purchased, but another 250 are needed. How many desks can your church fund? Please share this story with your congregation, and by any means at your disposal collect funds to send with your Lay Member to the Laity Session of Annual Conference. 
If we can build a school, we can certainly raise the money to furnish it. Any funds raised over the amount needed for desks will be used for clean water for the school or other needs that the Liberians deem vital for that ministry.