Special offering for New Hope Church in Liberia


The Wednesday evening offering, taken during the Memorial Service, will assist with the building of New Hope Church, also in Liberia. The congregation of New Hope UMC found themselves as refugees in the Monrovia area after fleeing their home areas for safety during the civil war. Because they wanted to worship in their own vernacular, the Bassa language, a small group of refugees began to meet regularly for worship services. The congregation soon outgrew the home in which they worshipped and then moved to two rental spaces until finally purchasing land in the Paynesville area.

The main structure of the church is erected. The 2011 Ordinand team worked to finish concreting the once dirt floor. However, $40,000 is still needed to completely finish the church. Currently, most members of the congregation are market women barely making only enough to feed their families at the end of each day.