No changes to Health Miles program for 2013


HealthMiles – the IGRC Group Health Insurance department is announcing that there will be no changes to the HealthMiles program in 2013. The 2013 plan will run exactly the same as the 2012 plan. There will be a $50 reward for meeting your HealthMiles goal each quarter, for a potential reward of $200. If you meet your goal each quarter, there is a $100 bonus at the end of the year for a maximum reward of $300.

Clergy and spouses who are in the IGRC health insurance plan (both active and retired) are eligible for participation in the HealthMiles program. If you have not signed up yet, January is the best time to enroll.
Sign up on-line at
If you already have a pedometer, but it’s in the drawer – January is a GREAT time to get active again. Just put on your pedometer and start downloading again!!!