Changes in Pastoral Care and Counseling


SPRINGFIELD – The Committee for Pastoral Care and Counseling is conducting a survey as they consider the next steps for the ministry.

“For the past two years, Karen Blank-Ewell has been the Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling for our conference. Karen’s time as Director is now coming to a close. For the past few months, we have been asking the question, “What is the best way to serve our IGRC family in this day and time?”   We welcome your ideas and feedback,” said the committee in an April 29 statement.
Persons may take the survey by visiting:
“Plans are already shaping up for the next chapters so now is a great time to get your input. 
You can look forward to hearing more at Annual Conference about where Pastoral Care and Counseling is heading next.   We ask for your prayers as we continue this journey. We pledge you our commitment to improving the ways PCC serves us all,” the statement said. 
During the transition, persons who need help are invited to call Robin Coats Gauss at 217-529-2308 to find support and if needed, a referral for more care.