An Alternative to Phone Trees


A congregation can put into place a communication system that can keep members in touch with the life of the church fast and easy in a partnership with United Methodist Communications.

United Methodist Communications has negotiated with One Call Tell All Communications for a voice and/or text messaging system. A special web page for UMC members with prices and directions to have a system setup has been created. The link is only for UMC congregations.

The system enables a congregation to send live voice messages and text messages instantly from any location to everyone or selected groups/committees within your church -- messages such as service reminders and announcements, church events, prayer requests, and much more.

How it works:

  • Dial in from any phone, anywhere.
  • Record your message in your own voice.
  • Send your broadcast to everyone in your congregation or any selected committee SPRC, Trustees, Finance, etc.) at the same time.

That's it! Very Fast, Only takes a few minutes to reach everyone! No More Phone Trees or Prayer Chains!! No hardware or software to purchase, install or learn. OneCallTellAll handles all phone number additions and changes.

All systems include:

  • Up to 2 phone numbers per member/household (example, a member can have both a cell phone and landline at no extra cost)
  • No Long Distance Charges
  • Unlimited calling (and all unanswered calls record to voice mail or answering machines)
  • Unlimited recorded message length
  • Unlimited calling sub groups (add groups such as SPRC, Trustees, Finance, etc.)
  • Custom caller id of your choosing (so the members know the church is calling)
  • All setup and maintenance included
  • 12 month annual plan