An Alternative to Member Directories


A church directory that is always with you is now available as a cellphone application on iPhone and Android platforms through meaNEXUS.

meaNEXUS uses an integrated website, enabling a church to upload a directory of names, addresses and other information to a website and feed it privately to iPhones or Android devices. Members get access to the directory the church uploads only through an invitation from the church. Now you and your members can have all the details of your group handy on your iPhone and Android phone without to load all the names into your contacts.

There is no cost to the church to upload its directory. Members will pay 99 cents when they download the directory.

In addition to a comprehensive search feature, the system also allows for committee lists and other sub-lists of the total membership. Lists can be updated at any time and will automatically “push” those updates to app users. Members listed in the directory can also update their information and users can email or dial directly from the app.