Candidate profiles sought


2016 General Conference logoCandidate profiles are now being accepted for clergy and laity that wish to be considered as delegates to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conference until March 16.

The election page can be found by visiting: The election page contains links for both clergy and lay candidate profiles.

The Book of Discipline (2012) stipulates that only clergy in full connection (elders or deacons) are eligible for election. Provisional clergy members, associate and affiliate clergy members and full and part-time local pastors under appointment have the right to vote on all matters in the annual conference except constitutional amendments and in the election of clergy delegates to general and jurisdictional conference (paragraph 602, The Book of Discipline, 2012). The term clergy members shall refer to both active and retired members of the annual conference for purpose of delegate election (paragraph 502, The Book of Discipline, 2012).

Laypersons wishing to be considered for election must be a professing member of The United Methodist Church for at least two years next preceding their election and shall have been active participants in The United Methodist Church for at least four years next preceding their election and are members thereof within the annual conference electing them (Paragraph 36, The Book of Discipline, 2012).

See Standing Rules III.F, page 348 of the 2014 Journal-Yearbook for more information about election of delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference. 

Candidates are also asked to submit a photograph which will be published along with their responses in a Voter’s Guide in the June 2015 issue of The Current. Additional copies will be available at both the clergy and laity session with voter numbers for all eligible candidates whether they have completed the profile form or not.

Elections will take place during the Clergy and Laity sessions at the 2015 Annual Conference June 10-13 in Peoria. Clergy will elect the clergy delegation while the laity will elect the lay delegation.

The IGRC will elect five clergy and five lay delegates for General Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, May 10-20, 2016. Five additional clergy and five additional lay delegates will be elected to serve with the General Conference delegates as delegates to the North Central Jurisdictional Conference in Peoria, July 12-16, 2016.

The first two elected Jurisdictional delegates will serve as General Conference alternates. Following the election of both General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates, three jurisdictional alternates will be elected.