Committee on Episcopacy, Our Conference, Our Kids make special September appeal to honor Bishop Beard


Sept. 1 will mark the five-year Anniversary of Bishop Frank J. Beard’s tenure as episcopal leader of The Illinois Area. In his noteworthy quadrennium of service, he has provided steady leadership to our conference throughout a myriad of challenges:

  • Denominational divides on the issues of sexuality
  • Pandemic related pressures involving the economy and healthcare
  • Discussions of racial equality and social justice
  • Adaptability following loss of laity and clergy due to retirements and deaths
  • Vision in helping to outline and visualize organizational and structural changes
  • Need for compassion and care for youth residing in residential support facilities
The Committee on Episcopacy and the Our Conference Our Kids Steering Team celebrate the crucial guidance that Bishop Beard has provided to Our Conference Our Kids. He inherited the Our Conference Our Kids Endowment Initiative which was approved at the 2016 Annual Conference, prior to his appointment as IGRC Bishop. In August, 2017, he mobilized a variety of individuals from across the conference to bolster the efforts already begun by Paul Black, our IGRC Communications Team, and Ted Frost of the United Methodist Foundation.

Bishop Beard’s passion in caring for children is but one more of his acts of Christian love. Introducing children to Christ is at the heart of the vision for Our Conference, Our Kids:
Endowing the Spiritual Life Ministries at The Baby Fold, Chaddock, Cunningham Children's Home, Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House, and Spero Family Services to ensure the continued inclusion of Christ-centered spiritual care in their healing work.

This vision is what motivates us as we move closer to receiving $2 million in gifts and commitments toward our goal of $2.5 million.

Together, the Committee on Episcopacy and Our Conference Our Kids Steering Team are collaborating to underscore our appreciation for Bishop Beard’s leadership.

Please join us in celebrating his ministry by engaging in prayer and by collecting a special offering in September from Sunday, Sept. 5 to Sept. 26.

A prayer theme will be provided for each of the weeks as we pray for Bishop Beard, and for the needs of the children and families served by our conference agencies.

Alongside our prayers, let’s honor Bishop Beard with our financial gifts to Our Conference, Our Kids. Out of the abundance of God’s blessing, let us give abundantly.

We know that prayers without financial gifts won’t get the job done; and neither will our financial gifts without prayers. It is exciting to envision what God might do through our prayers and financial gifts as we faithfully ensure that spiritual care is provided at each of our children and family agencies while demonstrating our gratitude for Bishop Beard’s leadership among us.