Deaf/Hard of Hearing Committee needs your help


What is the sweetest sound to your ears?  Can you imagine how much you might miss it if you could not hear it clearly?  Or not at all?  Are you, and/or someone you care about, already struggling to understand others when they talk?  Is the volume of your TV and/or set up higher than most people’s comfort level?  Have you ever missed an appointment or gotten something wrong because you didn’t hear the instructions clearly?

If any of these situations “sound” familiar, you and/or a loved one may already be dealing with impaired hearing.  Often when we think of the word deaf or the phrase hard of hearing, we think of those who have had complete or partial hearing loss for most of their lives.  But the truth is that almost everyone must deal with hearing impairment at some point in their life.  Causes may include aging, illness, trauma, and/or other unexplainable hearing loss.

The IGRC Deaf/Hard of Hearing (HH) Committee is exploring ways to be in ministry with people throughout our Conference who struggle with hearing issues for a variety of reasons.  The Committee is trying to identify where those folks might be found, which UMC’s may need and/or already have deaf/hh ministries in place, and what resources – human and otherwise – are available.  We would like to invite anyone who has questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. in this area to contact one of the following:  Carrie Grieme (co-chaiperson;, Jean Hembrough (co-chairperson;, or Bunny Wolfe (

We appreciate your help and prayers as we continue helping IGRC and its churches be in ministry with the deaf/hh community.