Eight Year Old Releases Second Book


Eight-year-old Joby Nelson, a member of Edwardsville St. John’s UMC, released the second book titled, The Class Pet, in his book series, The Underdog Gang. He is also the author of The Playground Adventures which is the first book in the book series Joby wrote and illustrated when he was in first grade. Joby has loved to read and draw pictures since he was five years old. When he was in kindergarten, Joby started making illustrated books using notebook paper and #2 pencils. In first grade, Joby asked his parents if he could become a “real” author and make one of his books have a hard cover. With his parent’s help, Joby published his first “real”, 80-page illustrated, adventure book in first grade so the kids in his class would laugh and love to read as much as he does. Joby sells his books for a $15 donation. The books are available to purchase through his Facebook page @authorjobynelson, Amazon. com and at Afterwords Books in Edwardsville. Joby uses the proceeds from book sales to provide educational scholarships for students who attend the Ganta United Methodist School in Gompa City, Liberia. He also has hopes to be able to travel on a mission trip one day to visit the students he sponsors. A portion of the book proceeds are saved for that mission trip.