Galesburg Faith UMC receives funding from the Larson Trust


Galesburg Faith UMC has been blessed to be the recipient of funds from the Larson Trust to help further our mission of making disciples of Christ.
With these funds, we have:

  • Built new youth programs such as Discovery Kids and Faith Youth Club.  These programs provide fun, wholesome activities for our youth that serve as fun ways to learn about the Bible. Average weekly attendance is 30 and a meal is provided!  Activities include: VBS, small day trips, Winter Jam, Summer Camping, move nights, game nights, the list goes on!
  • Built a monthly Senior Social event hosted by Faith that includes lunch, entertainment and fellowship.  This event has an average attendance of 80!
  • Added a Bus Ministry.  Our para-transit vehicle is used to shuttle patrons to and from our events and services and haul our youth and adults for special church trips.
  • Added a “KFC Ministry” which goes to a nursing home once a month to provide an enjoyable meal and fellowship as outreach to those that are unable to make it to our services anymore.
  • Added a Trunk or Treat event that has been a  great success for church.  This outreach has brought us in touch with so many in our neighborhood and community and provided avenues to help continue to build our youth programs.